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The Department of Human Services
Office of Information Technology Services

The Information Technology (OITS) Vision

The OITS vision is the same as the DHS vision:

DHS VISION - To become the nation’s leader in helping individuals, families, and communities be safe and independent.

Information Technology Services Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Information Technology Services is to provide support for the mission and business objectives of the Colorado Department of Human Services through effective leadership, management of quality information systems and technology for use as effective operational and management tools and implementation.

Information Technology Services Organizational Goals

  • Quality of Service Goal : To determine the needs of our customers through consistent communication and evaluation and focus on providing the best services to meet those needs.
  • Human Resources: To recruit, develop and retain a prepared, motivated and diverse workforce.
  • Information Availability: To increase and improve information and data availability, thereby assisting the Department’s staff in decision-making and in providing services to the public.
  • Environmental Responsiveness: To ensure the Department is responsive to a dynamic environment as a result of changes at the federal, state and industry level.
  • Productivity : To enhance productivity by improving the accuracy, timeliness, and speed with which the Department responsibilities can be met.
  • Technology : To evaluate new technology to determine if it will provide benefits to the Department in achieving its business objectives.

ITS Guiding Principles

To realize our mission, and organizational goals, the Office of Information Technology Services has committed to:

  • Be customer focused;
  • Be employee focused;
  • Be knowledgeable about program and technical issues and requirements;
  • Provide uniform technical implementations that assure all organizations are able to share information and integrate services within a secure environment;
  • Be comprised of competent, well-trained and well equipped staff; and
  • Provide quality systems, service delivery and supports, utilizing internal staff and public/private partnerships.
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